At University I was the youngest student writer and finalist to compete with my stage play “Eëtjie Feëtjie” against veteran and award winning writers in SANLAM’s national stage play competition. After I graduated, I packed my car full of dreams and a couple of my favourite books and drove to Johannesburg where I had no job and no place to stay. 3 weeks later I started working as a junior script coordinator at 7de Laan, one of the biggest and most popular television shows in South Africa, affording me the opportunity to pay off my student loan of about R100 000,00. My story lines have since been aired to an audience of 3 million people per day.

I have a black belt in Karate, have mastered the art of origami (and karaoke), boast a vast knowledge of wine and built a chandelier out of triplex card board and glass beads.

I recently spent some time in Europe of which three months were spent in Barcelona completing an international internship-scholarship in social media and communications for an American company called PartyEarth. My main tasks included taking pictures and writing reviews of social hot spots in Barcelona.

I am a freelance writer with proficiency in the following:

Story writing,
Screen writing,
Script writing,
Play writing,
Speech writing,
Reviews writing,
Copy writing,

Copy editing,
Proof reading.


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